One of the hardest choices to make as a homeowner is the roof that you should have for your home. When choosing a roof, you should consider its aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, fire safety, and durability. Having the wrong roof would not only result to expensive repairs, it would also damage your belongings in the long run.

From mixed materials and concrete shingles to solar reflectance and Energy Star-rated materials, there are many roofing trends that are only expected to increase in popularity in 2021. There have been different changes in our lifestyle because of the pandemic. Yet, this has not affected the trends in roofing.

Here some of the trends that you should see in roofing in 2021.

Roofing Trends 2021 - Infographic

Low-pitched roofs and long, sleek lines

Before, most roofs have jumble of hips and valleys. This year, expect that style to be replaced by shed-style roofs that draws the eye upwards for a much simpler design. This style is inspired by the mid-century modern style. Homeowners opt for a standing seam style or flat roofing as an architectural statement.

Using and mixing different roofing materials

The style of making planes pitched with the same material is a thing of the past. In 2021, it is projected that most architects and roofing contractors will experiment with slopes and colors. You should not be shocked if one roof contains three to five patches of materials and colors as more and more people will do this.

Availability of drones

The usage of drones in the roofing industry has increased in 2020. roofers now use the technology to check and analyze all their roofing projects. Several high-resolution drones can take aerial images, which are used for mapping and measurements of roofs. In this way, the dangers of roofing are somehow lessened.

New roofing types

There are new roofing types that will become popular in 2021. Most of these roofs are sustainable and energy-efficient that can cut losses, such as cool roofs, green roofs, metal roofs, and roofs that have solar panels that can be used as an alternative source of power among homes.

Usage of sustainable materials

Another trend that you should watch out for in 2021 is the usage of sustainable and recyclable materials. Made out of recyclable materials such as rubber and plastic, synthetic shingles are today’s best choices for more sustainable roofing. The material can be designed and shaped to look like more expensive options at only a fraction of the cost.

New roof colors

rending roof colors today include black, silver, gray, and bronze. While any color combination can be attractive, today’s style calls for the roof to offer contrast; usually, dark if the walls are light and vice versa. The idea that red or copper-colored roofs are elegant is a thing of the past.

Timeless roofing trends

Omit timeless trends in roofing, asphalt shingles will stay as the most-used roofing type in 2021. Two timeless styles popular today are slate and wood shake. These have been around since the advent of housing and are still popular today. When homeowners choose a slate or shake style, they choose timeless beauty.

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