9 Steps to Choose a Trustworthy Roofing Contractor in Florida

Protect yourself and your property when choosing a roofing contractor. Follow these 9 steps to ensure you select a trustworthy and reliable contractor in Florida. Universal Contracting & Solar is here to provide exceptional service and care for your roofing needs

Are you overwhelmed with roofing contractors vying for your business? Not all roofers have your best interests in mind. It’s crucial to take steps to protect yourself and your property. Here are 9 key steps to follow:

Check Their Certifications

Verify the roofing contractor’s license number (CCC####### and/or CGC######) on the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website. Ensure they have been operating as a Florida business for at least 10 years and have completed over 5000 projects.

Review Their Contracts

Ensure that the contract includes their office location, phone number, license number, and email address. Lack of this information is a red flag.

Beware of the Tarp Contract: Be cautious of contracts that bind you to a roofer in exchange for tarping your property and deducting your insurance deductible. This could potentially complicate your insurance claims process.

Check Their Reviews

Visit Google and search for the company. Look for a substantial number of reviews (100 or more) and ensure they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Pay attention to how the company responds to negative reviews.

Inquire About Financing

A contractor offering financing demonstrates their financial stability and ability to pay suppliers promptly. This can be advantageous if your insurance claim takes time to settle.

Review All Documents

Understand that a roofer cannot file or negotiate an insurance claim on your behalf. Carefully review any documents before signing. Estimates can be provided without signing any paperwork.

Ensure Code Compliance

Opt for a contractor who emphasizes compliance with Florida Building Codes. This not only ensures a sound property but also facilitates insurance adjuster inspections and future insurance coverage.

Verify Liability and Insurance Coverage

Confirm that the contractor has full liability insurance coverage of $2,000,000 and workman’s compensation for both the company and its crews.

Assess Workmanship Warranties

Be cautious of contractors offering extended labor warranties. Select a contractor with a strong reputation and a long-term commitment to honoring their warranties.

When searching for a trustworthy and reliable roofing or solar contractor, Universal Contracting & Solar is here to serve you. With our team of professionals in Florida, we guarantee the utmost care and quality for your roof. Contact Us or call us at (239) 321-5886 to learn more.

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