Expert Storm Damage Roof Repair and Roof Maintenance Services

At Universal Contracting & Solar, we understand the devastation storm damage can cause. With over 25 years of experience, we're dedicated to quickly restoring your property to its pre-storm condition. Our comprehensive storm restoration services cover roof maintenance, hail and wind damage repairs, and roof insurance claim assistance. We stand as Florida's top choice for storm damage roof repair.

All Encompassing Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Floridians are no strangers to the intense storms that frequently assail our state. Our adept team at Universal Contracting & Solar has tackled a myriad of roofing repairs stemming from storm damage, serving homeowners and commercial roofers since 2014. Regardless of your property's damage scale, we promise exemplary work.

Experience top quality roof maintenance with our dedicated contractor from Universal Contracting and Solar in Fort Myers. Ensuring your roof's prime condition.
Roof Hail Damage

Even minute hailstones can inflict considerable harm on your roof. Following any major weather episode, a roof inspection is imperative, given that hail damage might elude detection from ground level. At Universal Contracting & Solar, we expedite and thoroughly handle hail damage services, ensuring every damage facet is pinpointed and factored into your insurance claim.

Roof Wind Damage

Ferocious winds from typhoons and squalls can strain and damage your roof. If your premises manifest signs of wind-inflicted damage, we undertake a detailed roof inspection, proffer repair advisories, and furnish a candid cost appraisal for the storm damage roof repair.


Comprehensive Storm Restoration and Roof Maintenance in Fort Myers

At Universal Contracting & Solar, we are here to assist you after a severe storm. Our expert team offers a wide array of benefits and services:

  • Free Roof Inspection: Our first step is to assess the damage done to your roof and develop a personalized plan that caters to your needs.
  • Storm Damage Roof Repair: Ranging from displaced shingles to comprehensive water damage, we proffer all-inclusive roof maintenance services, intent on rejuvenating your roof system and fortifying it against impending storms.
  • Emergency Services: We provide instant roofing repairs after storms, ensuring your property's defenses remain uncompromised.

Hassle Free Insurance Claims Assistance

Navigating the aftermath of storm damage can be nerve-wracking, with insurance claims potentially adding to the strain. Universal Contracting & Solar exists to alleviate this tension. Our seasoned crew undertakes a meticulous roof inspection, ensuring every damage nuance is recorded for your claim. We then liaise closely with your insurance adjuster, supplying all requisite documentation for a fluid, successful claim process. Be it minor fixes or enlisting roof replacement contractors, trust in our prowess. We commit to stellar craftsmanship, employing top-shelf materials from renowned brands. With Universal Contracting & Solar, the insurance claim labyrinth becomes a breeze.


Our Promise

As a family-owned and operated business in Florida, Universal Contracting & Solar is committed to using the highest quality materials and best techniques in the industry for every project. More importantly, we are dedicated to our mission of providing the best customer service possible from start to finish. Schedule a free consultation with the leading roofers in Fort Myers.

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