Comprehensive Water Mitigation Services in South West Florida

Protect your property from the ravages of water damage, mold, and hurricane-related destruction with Universal Contracting & Solar. As a trusted leader in roofing and solar services, we also specialize in water and mold remediation, ensuring that your home or business is not just structurally sound but also healthy and safe. We’re here to provide swift, expert assistance when you need it most.

Safeguard Your Property Against Water Damage and Hidden Threats

At Universal Contracting & Solar, we understand that water damage can be as insidious as it is destructive, often leading to serious structural problems and health risks. This is particularly true in South West Florida, where our properties are routinely exposed to severe weather conditions, including powerful hurricanes.

How Hurricanes Damage Your Property

Hurricanes wreak havoc on your property through wind and rain, often causing damage that's visible and invisible, including fostering mold growth and weakening structure.

Unseen Dangers: Mold and Water Damage

Mold and water damage pose unseen threats to your building's structure and health, encouraging decay, promoting pest infestation, and triggering health risks.

Proactive Measures: Water and Mold Remediation

Our water and mold remediation services form a critical part of our preventive strategy, quickly addressing issues, repairing damage, and averting further problems.

Importance of Professional Roof Assessments

Post-storm, a professional roof assessment can uncover hidden damage, aid insurance claims, and enable timely repair, ensuring your roof stays in top condition.

Water Damage and Your Roof

Water, a seemingly benign element, can severely damage your roof, seeping under shingles, rotting wooden structures, and facilitating more extensive damage.

Preventing Water Damage

Preventive maintenance, including a robust drainage system and regular roof inspections, is crucial in guarding against water damage and prolonging your roof's lifespan.


Universal Contracting & Solar: Your Trusted Partner in Water Mitigation

For years, we have been providing reliable roofing and solar services to homeowners across South West Florida. Our team is committed to keeping up with industry developments and technologies, ensuring you receive top-notch service. If you require roofing, solar, water remediation, or mold remediation services, please contact us today. We're ready to assist you with your needs, and we look forward to working with you.


Our Promise

As a family-owned and operated business in Florida, Universal Contracting & Solar is committed to using the highest quality materials and best techniques in the industry for every project. More importantly, we are dedicated to our mission of providing the best customer service possible from start to finish. Schedule a free consultation with the leading roofers in Fort Myers.

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